Minimally Invasive Cervical Discetomy Spine Surgery in India

What is Cervical Discectomy?

Cervical Spine Surgery is a procedure to eliminate or reduce pain, weakness, numbness of the cervical spine. Cervical refers to the neck portion of our body. We often tend to ignore neck pain but if not taken care of, it may cause serious damage to the cervical region.

Who may require Cervical Discectomy ?

Those patients who suffer from persistent neck pain, one or both arm pain and weakness, instability while walking and lack of bowel and bladder control in spite of taking conservative treatment methods such as rest, medication, physical therapy are ideal candidates for this procedureconditionsanterior-cervical-discectomy-and-fusion-acdf.

The disc may herniate backwards to compress upon the cord or it may bulge sideways to compress upon the nerve. Cord compression may lead to numbness and weakness of both arms and in severe case may affect the bowel and bladder function. This procedure aims to remove the complete disc or its fragments in order to relieve compression of the cord or nerve and restore their function.

Minimally invasive cervical discectomy surgery in India

Cervical discectomy is a surgical procedure which relieves compression on the nerve roots and/or the spinal cord because of a herniated disc or a bone spur. This procedure involves making an incision on the front side of the neck (anterior cervical spine), followed by the removal of disc material and/or a portion of the bone around the nerve roots and/or spinal cord to relieve the compression on neural structures and provide them with additional space.

Cervical discectomy is also referred to as decompressive spinal procedure as the surgeon removes compression on nerve roots by removing the total or a part of the disc and/or bony material that is causing pain. Your surgeon may choose a minimally invasive approach based on your condition and the specific surgical goals.

Minimally invasive cervical discectomy involves a small incision(s) and muscle dilation to separate the muscle fibers surrounding the spine, unlike conventional open spine surgery which requires muscles to be cut or stripped.

The advantages of Minimally invasive cervical Discectomy surgery :

  • Maintaining normal neck motion
  • Reducing degeneration of adjacent segments of the cervical spine
  • Eliminating the need for a bone graft
  • Early postoperative neck motion
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Minimally Invasive Cervical Discetomy Spine Surgery in India

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