Risk Factors for Heart Disease and Heart Attack – Low Cost Heart Surgery in India

heart-attack-infographic-infographics-low-color-style-icon-object-disease-factors-medical-set-elements-symbols-62451827Heart attacks became one in all of} the foremost common health considerations in every unit. Lack of data will trigger a a lot of serious condition and create true worse although a patient suffers a light attack.

But once will it happen exactly? an individual suffers a attack once the traditional blood offer to the guts is interrupted.

Just like different organs and tissues in your body, the guts too wants an identical offer of blood wealthy in atomic number 8. attributable to short offer of blood to your heart, the viscus muscles could get badly broken and begin to wear out. If the condition isn’t treated like a shot, heart muscles could suffer AN sealed injury. As an even bigger portion of the viscus muscles get affected, the guts ceases to beat which is that the actual moment once a victim gets a attack.

A scientific clarification of attack would be Coronary cardiopathy (CHD). during this condition, very little deposits of cholesterin known as plaques block the arteries. A attack could happen once a grume created by a damaged plaque blocks the flow of blood within the arteries.

Risk Factors for  Heart Attack

Smoking: Did you recognize that vasoconstrictor and carbon monoxide gas place lots of stress on the guts by forcing it to figure faster? This, in turn, accelerates the chance of blood clots. Besides, the presence of various chemicals within the smoke injures the liner of your coronary arteries. it’s calculable that smoking will enhance heart risk by twenty four p.c.

High blood pressure: high blood pressure tends to deteriorate the coronary arteries, so creating them completelyat risk of CHD. Hence, an individual with high vital sign is at a high risk of heart attacks and CHD.
Diabetes: once blood sugar levels related to sort one and kind two polygenic disorder will increase, there’s a particular quantity of harm to the victim’s coronary arteries. As a result, the chance of CHD will increase.

Obesity: folks that ar weighty or ar extremely overweight might not be directly in danger of a attack, howeverthey’re at a bigger risk of developing high blood pressure and polygenic disorder. Overweight peopleadditionally tend to own high cholesterin level that results from ingestion fat-rich diet.

Advantages of Heart Surgery in India


With india witnessing large range of Heart illness patients, the expertise of the Heart Surgeons has enhancedhugely in india. This conjointly has diode to extend within the success rates of the Heart Surgery procedures.

World class Technology

India offers most advanced technological setting for Heart patients from everywhere the world. starting from Robotic Heart Surgeries to Hybrid operative Suites, everything is obtainable in india and is at par with any of the top Hospitals within the world.

Low price of Treatment

India has no parallels in health care once it involves price effective treatments as compared with different countries. important price variations exist among U.S., kingdom and South Asian countries. the price of a Heart Procedure in india is sort of one fifth of the price incurred within the U.S. or elsewhere. Eg a coronary artery bypass graft at U.S. would price 28,000 USD as against 5500-6000 USD in india.

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Risk Factors for Heart Disease and Heart Attack – Low Cost Heart Surgery in India

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