Most Advanced Robotic Heart Surgery in India

Robotic surgery for cardiac could be a style of heart surgery performed through small incisions within the chest. The procedure is usually known as da vinci surgery as a result of that’s the name of the manufacturer of the robot typically used for this procedure Robotic surgeries are used for variety of various heart-related procedures, as well as mitral valve repair, coronary artery bypass, heart defect repair, and tumor removal.
Robotic heart surgery square measure currently wide wont to give patients with less pain and quicker recovery time. Limitations in surgical equipment have prohibited their use throughout heart bypass surgery — so far. mp6The advancement of computerized robotic technology is one among the foremost exciting breakthroughs in surgery so far, enabling surgeons to perform complete, bypass surgery less invasively.

Robotic heart surgery in India is that the latest and most advanced technique within the world to perform heart surgery with greatest precision robot assisted Heart Procedures are done to treat a spread of conditions:
• Mitral valve repair—surgery to repair issues with the valve between the higher and lower chambers on the left aspect of the heart
• Coronary artery bypass graft (CABG)—surgery that makes a path around blocked heart vessels in order that blood will reach the heart muscle. The bypass is completed mistreatment blood vessels from alternative parts of the body to
Atrial septal defect repair—surgery to shut a hole within the wall between the higher 2 chambers of the heart
• Biventricular pacemaker lead placement for heart failure—surgery to position leads (wires) on the inner surface of the heart’s ventricles. The leads square measure connected to a biventricular pacemaker to assist the heart drill in a regular rhythm.

Da Vinci Robotic system
The da vinci robot could be a extremely sophisticated tool that permits the surgeon to perform the procedure with bigger exactitude and management than is feasible in ancient active surgery. In robotically assisted surgeries, the chest cavity is accessed through dime-size “keyhole” incisions.
The surgeon sits in an exceedingly console equipped with controls that direct robotic arms to perform the surgery. The da Vinci’s robotic arms square measure basically associate extension of the surgeon’s hands. a small camera attached to a robotic arm provides the surgeon a very careful, three-dimensional read of the operational area within the chest. The robotic arms square measure terribly agile, providing the surgeon a bigger vary of motion than is feasible with hand-manipulated moves in commonplace procedures. gets you Medical Opinion from India’s top Specialists and Best Treatment Cost from World Class hospitals in India- in just 24-48 hours  affiliated   Best hospitals in India provide an medical opinion from experienced surgeons and the treatment cost includes companion stay  , surgeon fee, medicines and consumables, nursing care, patient’s food and airport pick up & drop etc. etc. We offer free, no obligation assistance to international patients to find world class medical treatment in India. We offer support and services to facilitate the care you require. We can help you find the best hospital in India

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Most Advanced Robotic Heart Surgery in India

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