Heart Failure Treatment in India

Heart Failure (HF) – a condition within which a weakened heart can’t pump enough blood throughout the body. This results in reduced quality of life, frequent hospitalization and high mortality. though heart failure, like different heart ailments, has been exploit epidemic proportions in India within the recent past, it’s not received adequate public attention.
Heart Failure typically can’t be cured, however because of advances in technology and drug discovery, it will be effectively managed and patients’ quality of life is improved. in addition to acceptable life-style changes, the inexorable progression of the sickness will even be in remission. thence the importance of early identification and treatment.

What is failure ?
Heart Failure doesn’t mean that heart has stopped operating or is on the point of pack up. heart failure could be a condition during which the heart becomes therefore weak that it’s trouble pumping a traditional quantity of blood carrying enough oxygen and nutrients to fulfill the body’s wants. whereas the word ‘failure’ sounds alarming because it implies that the heart has suddenly stopped operating, the medical term truly describes a chronic syndrome that usually develops slowly.d0874256ac340a401a41f86f99cb6d7f
By itself, heart failure|heart condition|cardiopathy|failure} isn’t a disease. heart failure|heart condition|cardiopathy|failure} develops either as a results of harm to the heart muscle (caused by coronary artery disease, infection or toxic exposure to chemicals like alcohol Associate in Nursingd drugs) or once an excessive amount of strain is placed on the heart thanks to years of untreated high blood pressure or an abnormal heart valve.
The longer the heart should overwork to compensate for its shortcomings, the additional its pumping ability is impaired. The failing pump causes blood and fluid to make a copy throughout the circulatory system – the lungs, legs, feet and ankles – and also the kidneys retain excess water and sodium. heart failure is additionally called congestive heart failure because of such fluid buildup.

The most common symptoms square measure –
1. Problem in breathing – Fluid make a copy into and round the lungs will cause shortness of breath with exercise or problem in breathing at rest. Some people with heart failure should prop themselves up with additional pillows to breathe additional simply.

2. Chronic Cough – The build-up of fluid within the lungs causes the lungs to figure more durable. Patients could have a persistent cough or wheezy (a whistling sound within the lungs, or labored breathing).

3. Swelling – Less blood to the kidneys causes fluid and water retention, leading to swollen ankles, legs and abdomen and weight gain. Symptoms could cause Associate in Nursing increased have to be compelled to urinate during the night.

4. Loss of appetence – Bloating within the abdomen could lead to loss of appetence or nausea. Patients have the sensation of being “full,” even after they haven’t consumed for a protracted time. Their abdomen could become swollen or distended.

5. Fatigue – Less blood to major organs and muscles makes one feel tired and weak. Patients notice even walking troublesome.

What are varieties of heart failure ?
Left-Sided heart failure – In left-sided or left ventricular (LV) heart failure, the left aspect of the heart should work tougher to pump a similar quantity of blood. There ar 2 varieties of left-sided heart failure. Drug treatments ar totally different for the 2 types.
o Systolic failure: The left ventricle loses its ability to contract normally. the heart cannot pump with enough force to push enough blood into circulation.
o Diastolic failure or dysfunction: The left ventricle loses its ability to relax normally (because the muscle has become stiff). the heart cannot properly fill with blood throughout the resting amount between every beat.
Right-Sided heart failure – Right-sided or right ventricular (RV) heart failure sometimes happens as a results of left-sided failure. once the left ventricle fails, accrued fluid pressure is, in effect, transferred back through the lungs, ultimately damaging the heart’s right side. once the correct side loses pumping power, blood backs up within the body’s veins.
• Symptom heart failure – Congestive heart failure may be a sort of heart failure which needs seeking timely medical attention, though generally the 2 terms are used interchangeably. A take a look at referred to as the ejection fraction (EF) is used to live however well your heart pumps with every beat to work out if heartbeat disfunction or heart failure with preserved left ventricular function are present.

Diagnosis for heart failure
There is no single take a look at which will diagnose heart failure. The patient might have to be compelled to go a number of the subsequent tests –
1. Electrocardiogram  – This take a look at is used to live the heart’s electrical activity. it should show if the patient has had a heart attack or if there’s thickening of the walls within the heart’s pumping chambers (ventricles) or if the heart rhythms area unit abnormal.

2. Chest X-ray – A chest X-ray shows if the heart is enlarged or if there’s fluid within the lungs, or any lung disease.

3. BNP {Blood Test|Biopsy} – This test checks the amount of a hormone referred to as BNP (B-type natriuretic peptide) that rises in heart failure.

4. Thyroid function Tests – These tests reveal whether or not associate active or associate under-active thyroid is chargeable for heart condition.

5. Echo cardiogram – echocardiogram enables the doctor to guage the dimensions, thickness and pumping action of the heart, additionally as valuate however well the heart valves area unit functioning. A stress echocardiogram may additionally be helpful in assessing however well the heart is functioning at rest and through exercise.

9. Coronary Angiography – This take a look at, sometimes performed along with cardiac catheterization, helps the doctor see the flow of blood to the heart muscle.

11. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) – MRI shows detailed pictures of the structures and beating of the heart, enabling the doctor to assess if components of the heart area unit weak or broken.

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Heart Failure Treatment in India

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