Most Advanced Radical Prostatectomy Surgery in India

Radical Prostatectomy

If you’ve got been diagnosed with prostate cancer, your doctor can discuss totally different choices for treatment. If your cancer is simply within the prostate gland and has not unfold to surrounding tissue, your doctor could recommend a surgery referred to as a radical prostatectomy.radical-prostatectomy2
In a radical prostatectomy, a surgeon removes your entire prostate gland. The prostate may be a tiny organ that wraps around your urethra, the tube that moves urine from your bladder to your penis. The seminal vesicles (small glands that turn out a liquid that’s a part of semen) and therefore the vas deferens (a muscular wire that moves sperm from your testicles to your urethra) may additionally be removed during this surgery. The surgery is named a “radical” prostatectomy as a result of the complete prostate gland is removed. In alternative prostate surgeries (i.e., a “simple” prostatectomy), only a part of the gland is removed.

Different Types of Radical Prostatectomy

 Open surgery

In open surgery, the surgeon uses a large incision to reach the prostate gland. Depending on the case, the incision is made either in the lower belly or in the groin between the anus and the penis. When the incision is made in the lower belly, it is called the retropubic approach. A radical prostatectomy using the retropubic approach is the most common treatment for prostate cancer. In this procedure, the surgeon may also remove lymph nodes in the area so that they can be tested for cancer.1 When the incision is made in the groin, it is called the perineal approach. The recovery time after this surgery may be shorter than with the retropubic approach. If the surgeon wants to remove lymph nodes for testing, he or she must make a separate incision. If the lymph nodes are believed to be free of cancer based on the grade of the cancer and results of the PSA test, the surgeon may skip the lymph node removal.

Laparoscopic surgery

In laparoscopic surgery, the surgeon makes several small incisions in the belly. A lighted viewing instrument called a laparoscope is inserted into one of the incisions. The surgeon uses special instruments to reach and remove the prostate through the other incisions. Men who have laparoscopic surgery tend to lose less blood during the operation and to recover faster than men who have open surgery.2 Laparoscopic prostatectomy is not yet widely available, and because it is a relatively new technique, no results from long-term follow-up after treatment are available.figure-lrp5-radicalbThe main goal of either type of surgery is to remove all the cancer. Sometimes that means removing the prostate as well as the tissues around it, including a set of nerves to the penis that affect the man’s ability to have an erection. Some tumors can be removed using a nerve-sparing technique, which means carefully cutting around those nerves to leave them intact. Nerve-sparing surgery sometimes preserves the man’s ability to have an erection.


Benefits of Radical Prostatectomy Surgery in India

By electing to have radical prostatectomy in India, you will be able to appreciate many benefits over having the surgery in your home country. Some of these benefits are:

  • The cost of radical prostatectomy in India is a fraction of the cost in the US and other western countries. Free quotes are available online to see just how affordable it can be.
  • In addition to techniques like the Da Vinci prostatectomy in India, which uses robotics, other minimally invasive procedures are available. You can choose to have a laparoscopic prostatectomy in India instead, which is a more traditional minimally invasive procedure that is carried out without the use of a machine.
  • In India, you can expect to receive care from doctors who have handled a large number of cases and are very experienced.
  • It’s recommended that after prostate removal surgery you begin to walk leisurely as soon as possible to help your body recover. Having your prostate removal surgery in India means you can take in a unique and beautiful culture during your recovery. gets you Medical Opinion from India’s top Specialists and Best Treatment Cost from World Class hospitals in India- in just 24-48 hours  affiliated   Best hospitals in India provide an medical opinion from experienced surgeons and the treatment cost includes companion stay  , surgeon fee, medicines and consumables, nursing care, patient’s food and airport pick up & drop etc. etc. We offer free, no obligation assistance to international patients to find world class medical treatment in India. We offer support and services to facilitate the care you require. We can help you find the best hospital in India

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Most Advanced Radical Prostatectomy Surgery in India

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